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Mindful Drinking is about choice, and is different for everyone. What does it mean for you to think about your drinking, and what are your drinking goals? You may worry that you are drinking too much alcohol in social situations or on your own; you may want to lose a few kilos or live a healthier lifestyle. You might want to enjoy a beer or glass of wine at lunch and go back to work clear-headed and at your best. You might want to drive home without having to worry about the cops, a jail sentence or worse. You might be considering giving up alcohol for a while to check your dependency – whether it’s on weekdays or for a month. You may want to sample lower-alcohol alternatives or even go completely alcohol-free.

These are all options – you decide. No-one is judging your decision. In fact, you may find a lot of support, as perceptions about alcohol are changing rapidly and your good friends will respect you for any choice you make that improves your life.

Whether you want to read inspirational anecdotes from those who have taken a step forward, want to experience a sober February, try a sober sprint or partake in a Mindful Drinking Course check out the links below. We're adding to the list all the time and are planning to have a database of the best places to find non-alcoholic drinks in your town (bottle stores, shops and bars/restaurants).

If you feel inspired to add to the list or share an inspiring story go to the Contact Us page and drop us a line.

The best local organisation we've found is World Without Wine. Janet Gourand and her team work tirelessly and with limited resources to hold workshops, present courses and provide coaching - and above all inspire those who have undertaken an alcohol-free journey to stay focused and positive.

Some useful WORLD WITHOUT WINE links

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Inspirational sober stories
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What to do when someone asks you “Why don't you drink?
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How to reduce your drinking

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10 tips for giving up alcohol

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