Sean O’Connor of Mindful Drinking SA

Where did it start?

 Mindful Drinking SA was started to champion the benefits of alcohol-free drinking in South Africa. Inspired by Club Soda in the UK and the Mindful Drinking Movement, we saw evidence of the global Sober Revolution starting to take place in South Africa, with a steady supply of new non-alcoholic products appearing on our shelves. There seems to be a great shift in consciousness towards alcohol.

We started speaking to local distillers, brewers and members of the drinking public. The public, while curious, don’t seem to have many opportunities to sample these products and get to know them. Once they do taste them however, they are usually impressed and often converted. We decided to host a festival, bringing together as many alcohol-free products as possible. We aim to provide an experience where people can discover the benefits of drinking alcohol-free drinks in any situation. And we’re going to have a lot of fun doing so…


Sean also runs TakeAwayTheatre, producing unique interventions which connect people in working communities. s.