Mindful Drinking

So what exactly is Mindful Drinking?

Part of a global movement, mindful drinking for people wishing to moderate their alcohol consumption and find healthy alternatives to drinking alcohol. It does not advocate an “all-or nothing” approach to alcohol but rather encourages you to think about your attitude to alcohol and provide you with new and exciting options.

In Sourth Africa mindful drinking – drinking less and thinking about it more, is still in its infancy, but is growing. In the past, refusing a glass of wine at a dinner party or a braai was often taken as “Oh probably a problem drinker, maybe in recovery”. But this thankfully is not so common anymore.


Now, we feel, declining alcohol, or bringing a non-alcoholic alternative, is more likely to arouse curiosity or even admiration – even if it is bucking the very powerful social norm to consume alcohol.


There is also much more choice now if you don't want an alcoholic drink – if you feel like a beer or glass of wine at a social function there are some really tasty, really sexy and trendy non-alcoholic options. And people are slowly learning that it’s no bad thing to conduct yourself better, and wake up feeling fresher the next day.

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Is Mindful Drinking the “Next Big Thing”? Sean O’Connor the organiser of the Mindful Drinking Festival agrees with me. We both think the low and non alcoholic drinks category is something that retailers have to watch out for.

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